"It's inspiring, working with Ina. We dare to be honest and open, and she helps us to see the gold in ourselves and in others."


I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of being coached by Ina in an executive coaching program – an exciting, inspiring and challenging journey. I really appreciate how Ina makes us change the way we see ourselves as a whole rather than trying to change the way we are, and helps us understand and unleash “our gold within” instead of finding leadership quick fixes. Ina puts her whole self into the process. She does not limit her coaching role to a scheduled appointment, but becomes a trusted sparring partner who stands on your side whenever you need her. I was not aware that there was a Master’s degree in coaching, but Ina “the Master of Wholeness” certainly deserves it.

Irene Philipps

COO, GC Rieber AS

Ina makes a difference!
She has designed and implemented customised leadership, presentation and communication programmes for more than 30 of our leaders. The programmes reflect our municipality’s vision and values. Our leaders have become more confident, courageous, clearer and more trustworthy in their communication, and better able to reflect on their progress and successes. Our employees say they feel more ’seen and heard’ by their leaders and that the working environment has improved. The Municipality of Lindas has worked with Ina Brackman since 2012. She generously shares her competence and experience and her positive energy is contagious.
So if you need a leadership trainer to get the best out of people, Ina is the one!

Bernt Fjordheim

Department Manager Lindås Municipality

«It can be difficult to set SMART goals. With Ina as our coach, it becomes more engaging, even exciting and we learn to support and challenge each other in handling our hectic, unpredictable working weeks .»

Oil Installation Manager Seadrill

Team Coaching: Bergen Energi AB in Sweden has used Ina Schjøtt Brackman as a one-to-one and team coach. Almost all of our sellers have had one-to-one coaching and all our teams (Sales, CAM, Client Service and Spot) have had regular team coaching. The effect of individual coaching has resulted in higher sales, enhanced well-being, greater self-awareness and a manageable workload. Team Coaching has contributed to better collaboration, more open communication, a more honest feedback culture and greater space for development and growth. Our growth has increased over the last 5 years, and we will continue to grow together with our employees! We believe coaching is important in order to maintain and develop this positive direction.

One-to-one coaching: For me personally, my communication has got much better! Coaching has helped me improve my feedback to my co-workers. I have become much better at constructive feedback, which I am often required to give, but found difficult. I have also increased my ability to listen to customers and colleagues, and my closing rate for sales has improved. Overall, coaching has helped both individuals and teams develop, and I am convinced that it has helped us to become more efficient, with a corresponding improvement in our results.

Jonas Almquist

Managing Director, Bergen Energi AB Sweden

Coaching with Ina helped me to increase my leadership skills and my level of visibility as well as stepping out of my comfort zones, especially during my field trip to Kenya. An important aspect of the learning was to trust my personal skills and step outside as a leader and look at the situation with a different view to come to the best solution.

Soenke Kahl

Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson&Johnson

Thank you for yet another interesting day. I am so grateful for being a participant in this leadership programme. The processes and development you facilitate mean a lot to me as a leader, but also have an effect on my life in general. I feel that I become stronger and more courageous in meetings, when engaging with others and, at the same time, I can show vulnerability. This motivates and inspires me to continue to work on myself as a leader.

You have professional strengths that are unique and that we learn from. You are fully present, inspiring, playful and clear, and you challenge and acknowledge us and show us trust.

Merete Evjen Møster

Unit Leader Lindås Municipality

The CAM Team consists of 20 competent people who are not shy. Still it has been a strong experience when the coach manages to stretch comfort zones and enhance the positive traits in each and every one, even the more introverted ones. She also manages to connect this to strengthening our customer relations – our core business. We do not meet often as we are spread out geographically so the workshops with Ina create something special for our team. It is challenging to integrate new team members and here team coaching is very important. This makes us get to know each other better, trust each other more, and communicate more openly. From there we can develop vision, goals and tasks. The fact that we get to know each other better is the basis for strong cooperation.

Individual coaching has given me useful insights. It has helped me understand my own leadership competence and how to treat people more effectively. Is also helps me to focus, prioritise my challenges, as well as to stop and look at the “big picture”. Coaching helps me to find own answers – I become more efficient and focus less on unnecessary worries.

Anne-Merete Ask

Leader International Key Account Managers, Bergen Energi AS

To whom it may concern:

We hereby confirm that Ina S. Brackman has been a leadership coach for our clients offshore. From 2010

– 2012 she has been staying and working on six different oil platforms in the North and Barents Sea and she has coached 145 leaders for all together 610 hours.
Her hard work, dedication and desire to instill long term positive change, in the leaders she coached, were remarkable. I would highly recommend her for coaching the front line supervisor up to and including the executive level.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or contact me at:
The REACH Group 16420 Park Ten Place Suite 500 Houston, Texas 77084 U.S.A. KCallen@thereachgroup. com +1 337 739 8312

Respectfully, Kris S. Callen Senior Vice President

Safety and Leadership, The REACH Group


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